To see if you are in an area liable to flood please see the Environment Agency Flood Map.  

Properties near to land which is already saturated maybe at risk of flash flooding, so please check local weather forecasts and the Environment Agency's website.

You can also check on local river levels by clicking on the Gauge Map.

Please, please please... 

  • do not attempt to drive or walk through flooded areas, especially near water courses, not only could you put your life at risk but also the lives of the emergency services sent to rescue you  
  • help us to spread these messages by making sure your neighbours friends and family know where to go for the latest information and advice and not to take any risks
  • see the subsections for advice on the measures homes and businesses in at-risk areas can take 

Important telephone numbers and further information during flooding:

  • if you're in a life threatening situation then please dial the emergency services on 999
  • if it is a none urgent call then please call the emergency service on 101
  • to report flooding from a sewer please call Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 or visit Thames Water's Sewer Flooding page
  • If you are concerned about a vulnerable person please call the county council's emergency duty team on 0800 833 408

Information about sandbags:

    • Important: The council can not guarantee the supply of sandbags to any premises, so residents and property owners are strongly advised to make their own arrangements to protect their property
    • for a helpful guide on how to build an effective sand bag wall please see this YouTube video.

      Who is responsible for what:

      • the property owner – ensuring that their own property is protected, being prepared to vacate your house if necessary
      • Environment Agency – determines the level of flood warning and works to alleviate potential flooding issues
      • Oxfordshire County Council – road closures and sand bag distribution (working with other agencies)
      • South Oxfordshire District Council – sand bag dumps and direct sand bag distribution to those at greatest need (working with county council)
      • Thames Water - is responsible for maintaining sewers and drains - to report flooding from a sewer please or visit Thames Water's sewer flooding page, their blocked drain page, or call 0845 9200 900.

      If your home or business has been flooded:

      Last reviewed: 08 - 08 - 2016

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