If your life is in immediate danger call 999.

If you are flooding:

  1. Before flood water enters your home, close and lock downstairs windows and doors. Keep the keys safely to hand and move upstairs.
  2. Continue to listen to situation updates from your local radio station and via Floodline on 0345 988 1188.
  3. Stay in your property if safe to do so or until either the emergency services tell you otherwise or the floodwater has gone.
  4. Do not drive or walk through floodwater. If it is necessary to walk through shallow water, take care for hidden holes, obstacles and other hazards.
  5. If you come into contact with floodwater, wash any exposed body parts with bottled or cool boiled water before handling food or looking after wounds.

Visit the Oxfordshire flood tool kit for more information

Key contacts

Report flooding

Environment Agency incident hotline 0800 80 70 60

Concerned for a vulnerable person

Call Oxfordshire County Council

8.30am - 5pm - 0345 0507666

Out of hours - emergency duty team 0800 833 408

Sewer Flooding

Thames Water 0800 316 9800

Thames Water's Sewer Flooding page

Road closures

Oxfordshire County Council website.

Twitter feeds

district council and county council


The council cannot guarantee the supply of sandbags to any premises, so residents and property owners are strongly advised to make their own arrangements to protect their property.

For a helpful guide on how to build an effective sand bag wall see this YouTube video or this useful guide from the Environment Agency.

Preparing for a flood:

Are you in a flood risk?

Visit Oxfordshire flood tool kit to see if you are at flood risk.

Check on local river levels on Gauge Map.

Flood warnings

Sign up to the Environment Agency flood warnings

Oxfordshire flood tool kit

Visit the Oxfordshire flood tool kit for information on preparing for a flood.

Recover from flooding

When the floodwater has gone and it’s safe to return home, you may be faced with a difficult sight. Before you start any clean up please read the recovering from flooding information on Oxfordshire flood tool kit.


Flood Re promote the availability and affordability of flood insurance.

Last reviewed: 30 - 10 - 2018

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