Translation services

We are committed to delivering services to people in a fair and equal way.   Effective communication is an essential part of quality services.  Where communication barriers exist, such as a need for language translation or information in alternative formats, we aim to provide access tailored to people's needs, to make sure we offer equal access to services and employment opportunities for all.

So what can you expect from us:

We will meet any requests we receive to provide written information in an alternative language or format, where we perceive there is a genuine need.  This might mean for longer documents we provide you with a summary or extract, or it may be more appropriate to talk you through the document with you.  The suitability of these options will depend on your needs.

We will also meet any requests we receive from you, to provide an interpreter, signer or lip speaker in order to communicate council information, where we perceive there to be a genuine need.  If you need to contact us by telephone but have limited or no English we will use a telephone interpreting service.

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Last reviewed: 04 - 04 - 2018

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