Didcot Garden Town

We have now published the Didcot Garden Town Delivery Plan - October 2017.  

You can download a copy of the full Didcot Garden Town delivery plan here.  

Alternatively individual chapters can be downloaded using the following links:

Chapter one - Overview

Chapter two - Listening to the community

Chapter three - Vision for Didcot

Chapter four - Making Didcot a place for business

Chapter five - The infrastructure needed to support the garden town

Chapter six - Delivering a wider choice of homes

Chapter seven - A connected smart community

Chapter eight - A super green town

Chapter nine - A masterplan for Didcot Garden Town

Chapter ten - Managing delivery of the masterplan

Chapter eleven - Funding and implementing the proposals

You can download a copy of the Didcot Garden Town appendices here. 

Last reviewed: 14 - 11 - 2017

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