Council crest


The interlaced gold lines, like those in the arms of Didcot Town Council, represent that town's connection with the railways. The sunburst, seen in the Henley Town Council arms and the former Borough of Henley's seal is a badge of Edward III. The portcullis is from the arms of the Wallingford Town Council and the two wheat sheaves are from the Thame town badge.

The mural crown is symbolic of municipal authority and also signifies the ancient Roman walled town at Dorchester. The golden dragon is that of the Kingdom of Wessex and combined with the mitre, recalls the King of Wessex, who was baptized into Christianity at Dorchester and for the diocese once based there.

The ox is derived from the arms of the Oxfordshire County Council and the lion represents England. Both are 'gorged' with a blue crown symbolising the links with the Sovereign extending from the Royal Castle at Wallingford to the Royal Flight of the RAF at Benson. The beech branches refer to the Chiltern villages and the compartment upon which the supporters stand suggest the Oxfordshire plain. The Thames is represented by symbolic water, traversed by a stone bridge.

Last reviewed: 08 - 07 - 2015

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