Cabinet work programme

What is the Cabinet work programme?

The Cabinet work programme is a list of the key decisions and other planned cabinet and cabinet member decisions to be taken on behalf of the council.  The work programme is updated monthly.

What is a key decision?

Key decisions are defined as decisions which, in the view of the relevant Strategic Director, are likely:

  • to incur expenditure or to receive income of more than £75,000
  • to award a revenue or capital grant of over £25,000
  • to agree an action that, in the view of the relevant Strategic Director, significantly affects a community within more than one ward

Officers may also include other items in this work programme on a voluntary basis that do not fit the above definition.

What does the Cabinet work programme tell me?

The plan gives information about:

  • what key decisions and other planned cabinet and cabinet member decisions are coming forward in the next few months
  • when those decisions are likely to be made
  • who will make those decisions
  • what consultation will be undertaken
  • who you can make representations to, and how
  • what documents you can ask for
  • who you can contact for further information

Who takes key decisions?

Key decisions are taken by the Cabinet, individual Cabinet members or individual officers acting under delegated powers.

Most key decisions are taken at public Cabinet meetings.

How do I make contact?

Each entry in the work programme indicates the names of all the relevant people to contact about that particular item.

The phone numbers for the relevant officers are listed in the individual entries.  The contact details for the Cabinet members are available on the council’s website or by phoning the council offices.

How do I get copies of agenda papers and other relevant documents?

The agenda papers for Cabinet meetings and other relevant documents are available five working days before the meeting on the council’s website  On occasions, the papers you request may contain exempt or confidential information.  If this is the case, we'll explain why it is not possible to make copies available.

For more information, please see the work programme or contact Democratic Services.

Last reviewed: 23 - 05 - 2016

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