Data protection and you

The government revised data protection Law in 2000 and the council has policies in place to ensure that we only use any personal data that you may give us for purposes for which you have provided it.

By law, we must process your personal data fairly which means that we only obtain it for purposes for which we are authorised, we record it accurately, we keep it up to date, and we do not keep it longer than necessary.

We will keep your personal data secure within our organisation but there are provisions in the Act that enable us to disclose information in certain circumstances outside the organisation.  We will only do this if the law permits us to do so and in accordance with arrangements we have properly made with other parties to whom we are giving your data.  Conditions such as the secure holding of your data by other parties to whom we disclose it are part of the arrangements for disclosure of information outside the organisation.  Some personal data will appear on file records, which the public routinely access because those records are open to public inspection under particular legislation.

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires every data controller who is processing personal information to register with the Information Commissioners Office unless they are exempt.

The council has two registrations:

  • Data controller name: South Oxfordshire District Council  Registration number: Z6629204
  • Data controller name: Electoral registration officer for South Oxfordshire District Council  Registration number: Z6605488

To view our notification, please go to the register on the Information Commissioner's Office website This link will take you to an external website...  and enter the registration number which starts with Z.

Data subjects - that is individuals on who we keep personal data - are entitled to ask the council what personal data it keeps on them.  If you think you need to check up on what personal data is held on you, please complete the Subject Access Request (43.4 KB) PDF form.  You also need to pay a fee of £10 to enable us to undertake a search of our systems and records.

Any queries and requests about the council's handling of personal data should be sent to:

Head of HR, IT and Technical Services
South Oxfordshire District Council
(see details in the Contact section of this page)

Last reviewed: 16 - 02 - 2015

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