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Request a tree preservation order

We can make a tree preservation order where it would be of benefit to the public to protect trees that are under threat of damage or removal.

We can either begin this process ourselves or on request where appropriate.

Before you request a tree preservation order, you need to check if the tree is already protected.

To request a tree preservation order, you will need to tell us:

  • your name and contact details  
  • what type of tree it is, if you know (you can submit a photo if you don’t)
  • why you believe the tree is under threat
  • why you consider the tree to be important
  • the location of the tree, preferably marked on a plan
  • the owner of the tree, if known.

When we look at your request, we will consider how:

  • visible the tree is to the public
  • important the tree is, assessing its size, health and condition, importance to local wildlife, how much more it could grow and how long it’s likely to live
  • significant the tree is in its local surroundings
  • the tree could be affected by a new development or other threats.

Unless there is an urgent threat to the trees, we will aim to assess your request within an 8 week time frame. We will let you know once we’ve determined if a Tree Preservation Order should be made or not. We will let anybody else involved know too.

To apply for a tree preservation order please complete this form.

There is much more information on the government’s website.

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