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Joint Local Plan – Further background

Current Local Plans

You can find both councils’ current Local Plans, which the new Joint Local Plan will replace once adopted, using the links below:


Here’s a quick look at a timeline of the process to create our Joint Local Plan:
Evidence gathering – we asked people to let us know about land and buildings that are available for change.
Issues  - you helped us understand the issues we needed to tackle and helped define our plan’s vision and objectives
Early 2024 (We are here)
Preferred options – we’re asking for your thoughts on the options we’ve identified to tackle the issues, along with potential locations for future developments.
Summer 2024
Our draft Local Plan - we’ll ask for your thoughts on our full proposed draft plan.
Early 2025
Plan submitted to the Secretary of State.
Summer 2025
Examination - An independent planning inspector examines the plan, evidence and the comments made, to test if it is ‘sound’.
Late 2025
Adoption - The plan is adopted and can be used to inform decisions on planning applications.

If you’d like to know more about the timetable for preparing the Joint Local Plan and when we will be consulting you, please take a look at our Local Development Scheme, September 2023. It sets out the timetable for producing new planning policy documents, including key production and public consultation stages.

You can also read the Joint Local Plan governance arrangements, May 2022, which sets out the operational and decision-making structures for the Joint Local Plan 2041.