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Obtaining copy documents from Local Land Charges

The Land Charges Team can provide copies of:

  • All documents revealed in the Local Land Charges Register
  • All planning Decision Notices

Many of the Legal agreements and Planning decision notices can be viewed on the Planning decision register.  

If you require Land Charges to provide copies of any of the documents there will be a charge. You will need to make a request by email giving the address of the property and the documents required.  The Land charges team will contact you advising of costs and how to make payment. 

Alternatively you may wish to use our online form and pay by credit card. The Land Charges team will then issue you with the document.

Copy Documents – fee per document

  • Legal Agreements (Section 106, 38 and 52) – £39.46
  • Tree Preservation Orders – £26.06
  • Enforcement Notices – £19.73
  • Breach of Condition Notices – £19.73
  • Planning Contravention Notices – £19.73
  • Advance Payments Code Notices – £19.73
  • Smoke Control Orders – £19.73
  • Article 4 Direction – £19.73
  • Stop Notice – £19.73
  • High Hedge Notice – £19.73
  • Copy of Local Search – £32.41

Rates effective from 1 April 2024