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Local Land Charges

Our Local Land Charges team is responsible for:

  • maintaining the Local Land Charges Register
  • carrying out Local Searches
  • providing copy documents
  • holding copies of the Oxfordshire County Council highways and public rights of way maps and information (we do not hold details of land ownership or boundaries).

We are linked to the National Land Information Service (NLIS)  at Level 3, and can receive and return Local Search requests electronically.  Our fees and charges are reviewed annually on 1st April. You can see the details of the fees and charges further down this page.

Our Promises To You

  • We will provide a friendly and efficient service, which aims to be 100% accurate at all times
  • We will respond to all official Searches within 8 working days (although we will endeavour to respond within 5 working days)
  • We will make the Local Land Charges Register available for Personal Searches
  • We will respond to copy document requests within 5 working days of receipt of written requests
  • We will respond to written enquiries within 10 working days of receipt
  • We have adopted the Local Land Charges Code of Practice published by the Local Government Association.

Local Land Charges Fees – Effective 1 April 2024

Unfortunately we cannot accept search requests made by post or paid by cheque. Searches can be submitted by email with payment by BACS. If you require further details of the process please contact the team either by phone or email.

These fees now include Vat on Con29. As introduced by HMRC. Here’s the fees for local land charges searches:


  • LLC1 (Registers only) Residential – £89.24
  • CON29R Residential (Inc VAT) – £150.77
  • LLC1 and CON29R Residential£240.01
  • LLC1 (Registers Only ) Commercial – £116.24
  • CON29R Commercial (Inc VAT) – £198.67
  • LLC1 and CON29R Commercial  £314.91
  • CON29O Optional enquiries 5 – 21 (Inc VAT) – £20.45
  • CON29O enquiry 22 (Inc VAT and admin fee) – £58.31
  • Additional Enquiries – £40.86
  • Additional Parcels of Land (LLC1 and Con29) – £39.23 (LLC1 only – £17.04, Con29 only – £22.19)
  • Registration of a charge in Part 11 of the register (light obstruction notices ) – £91.70
  • Filling a definitive certificate of the Land Tribunal under rule 10 (3) in Part 11 of the register – £19.01
  • Filing a judgement, order or application for the variation or cancellation of any entry in Part 11 of the register – £19.01

Garages are included in the basic search fee i.e. garages or parking spaces in a separate block, forming part of the title.

We return searches electronically by email.

Pay online

To pay any local land charges copy document fees please use our online payment form.

Electronic searches

We can receive and return Local Search requisitions electronically. Please contact us to sign up to our direct online ordering service – ‘OcellaWeb’

We accept searches via:

There are no additional charges for receiving search responses electronically.

Additional parcels of land

The guidance note on the LLC1 for a Parcel of Land states:
‘A separate requisition for search should be made in respect of each parcel of land in respect of which a search is required except where, for the purpose of a single transaction, a certificate is required in respect of two or more parcels of land which have a common boundary or are separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal.

Parcel of Land’ means land (including a building or part of a building) which is separately occupied or separately rated or, if not occupied or rated, in separate ownership. For the purpose of this definition an owner is the person who (in his own right or as trustee for any other person) is entitled to receive the rack rent of land, or, where the land is not let at a rack rent, would be so entitled if it were so let.’

A parcel of land is each separately owned or occupied piece of land or dwelling which is within the area outlined
in red on the search plan.

We can only accept a Search which covers several parcels if the boundaries of each parcel actually abut.

We do not classify garages as separate parcels where they form part of one title.

If the boundaries of the parcels do not abut, then we require a separate search for each parcel.

Local Land Charges fees are set annually in accordance with council guidelines and having regard to the predicted actual costs of providing the service on a ‘cost-recovery’ basis

Local Land Charges Personal (Non Official) Searches

Anyone can carry out a personal search of the Local Land Charges Register. To search the Local Land Charges register go to our Online Portal.

To learn how to navigate the Online portal guidance notes are available via the download

Obtaining Con29 Data under Environmental Information Regulations Act 2004 (EIR) 

Please see our guide for obtaining Con29R data under EIR.

Local Land Charges Performance and Service Status

August 2018



Local Authority Searches being returned within 8-10 working Days

Being Achieved

Personal Search Online Access to Local Land Charges Portal

No Issues

IT/ System Issues

No Issues

Local Land Charges Performance and Service Status August 2018


Local Authority Searches being returned within 8-10 working Days

Being Achieved

Personal Search Online Access to Local Land Charges Portal

No Issues

IT/ System Issues

No Issues

We now only accept Local Authority searches on the new Con29 forms.

Contact us - Land charges

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