Public spaces

Clearing abandoned vehicles

You can report an abandoned vehicle to us , please see our abandoned vehicles page for more details.

Safe disposal of dead animals

You can report dead animals in public areas (such as dogs, cats, deer, foxes and badgers), particularly if they are causing an obstruction on the highway or footpath. Call 03000 610610 or use our online form below: 

Fly posting

Display of advertising material on street furniture or buildings without the consent of the owner.  The council is responsible for removing flyposting from council buildings, public toilets, car parks etc. 

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for removing fly posting on street lights or on grass verges or roundabouts.


If you notice graffiti on property we own, like public toilets, rubbish bins, street name plates or one of our leisure centres, please contact our waste contractors Biffa by emailing or calling 03000 610610.  You can also report graffiti online.

Removal of graffiti on private property or business premises is the responsibility of the property owner so please contact them directly, as they may not be aware it is there. If you live in a housing association property, please contact your local housing officer.


We empty litter bins as follows:

  • Town centre litter bins – daily
  • Outer town area litter bins – once a week
  • All other litter bins –  once a week on refuse collection days

Use the online form to report a full or overflowing litter bin

Our environmental enforcement officers issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) of £80 (reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days) to anyone over the age of 18 for dropping litter on a public land/ highway but not picking it up. 

To report an offender please contact the envirocrime team on

Street litter

To report litter on a public highway please use the Fix My Street website.

Need help with a community litter pick?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have suspended our litter picking services until further notice. This is to enable our team to focus on essential services whilst building resilience in our workforce due to an increase in staff shortages due to illness.

We can support your efforts to clean up your area by offering high-vis jackets, litter pickers, collection bags and  (most important) appointments for pre-arranged collections for all the litter you collect. This way bags of rubbish are not left on the streets.

This is a FREE service but we have two simple rules

  1. We only ask Biffa to collect litter from people who arrange with our waste team ahead of the litter pick. We need a minimum of 14 days’ notice. This way we can ensure we know who is litter picking, where they are litter picking and when they are litter picking. Then we can check our crews have the time to fit the litter collections around their main work which is emptying your bins 
  2. We only collect litter which is picked on land which the district council has responsibility for – litter from private land eg a private car park is the landowner’s responsibility – not council tax payers’

Bags of collected litter left on the roadside or next to bins without arranging with us first will be treated as fly-tipping.  

Before setting the date for your litter pick, please email to make sure the equipment is available for you or fill in the online booking form.