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What happens if we find your dog

If we find your dog, we will contact you to let you know your dog is safe. We will charge you a reclaiming fee and any kennel costs incurred before we release your dog. If it has needed treatment from a vet, we will charge you these costs too.

Once payment is made we will give you the information about which kennels the dog has been taken to and provide you with a release number to quote when you go to pick it up.

Even if your dog has been microchipped or is wearing a tag, it will be taken to our kennels and you will be required to pay the charges. We will attempt to contact owners as soon as possible after the dog has arrived at the kennels. Please see more on our Stray Dog Journey page.

Fees and charges

Reclaiming fee for dogs found during office hours (includes £25 Statutory Fee) £180.00
Reclaiming fee for dogs found outside office hours (includes £25 Statutory Fee) £209.00
Kennelling charges (per day) £27.55

Please note: Proof of ownership will be required before a dog can be released. Any lost dog that has been picked up by the council, the owner will not be able to reclaim their dog outside of the office hours specified below, or until the council fees incurred for collecting and kennelling their dog have been paid.

The kennels are open for collections on Monday-Friday between 9am-midday and 1pm-4.30pm.  If the dog is not paid for and claimed by 4pm on a Friday, you will be charged for the weekend’s kennelling costs.

You can pay the fees using a debit or credit card by calling our Environmental Health team during office opening hours – Monday-Thursday between 8.30am-5pm and Friday between 8.30am-4.30pm.

Contact us - Environmental Protection

01235 422403
(Text phone users add 18001 before dialing)

South Oxfordshire District Council
Environmental Protection Team
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