Missed collection

Important information - Your food waste and recycling/rubbish are now being collected by different vehicles.  This means that your collections are being carried out at different times of the day. For example, your recycling/rubbish bin may be emptied in the morning from 7am, while your food waste may be collected later in the day any time up until 6pm.

These changes are being made following the introduction of a new vehicle fleet, which will help us to improve collection services. Please ensure your bins are left out from 7am until 6pm and do not report a missed collection unless they have not been emptied by this time.

** If your bin has not been emptied by 6pm and you need to report a missed collection, please report this online using the link below.**

Report a missed rubbish, recycling or garden waste collection

You can report a missed collection directly to Biffa (see below), but please only contact them if you put your rubbish/recycling out before 7am on the morning of your collection.

If you put your collection out late and missed the collection round, you will need to either take your rubbish/recycling in and put it out again during the next scheduled collection of that bin, or take it to one of the waste recycling centres. Oxfordshire County Council This link will take you to an external website...

Before reporting a missed collection

  • Please note, in autumn 2017 we are changing the way your waste is collected. Your rubbish/recycling and food waste will be collected by different vehicles, so your different bins will be emptied at different times of the day any time up until 6pm.
  • don't forget, collection days may change over bank holidays. Check to see if your day has changed.  
  • a different crew collect some bulky household waste like electrical items, so these might be collected separately.
  • check to see if our crew have placed a tag on your bin explaining why it wasn't collected.

To report a missed bin

Missed bin policy

  • Missed collections can be reported by telephone up until 5pm or by email/webform up until midnight of the next working day following the scheduled collection. Our contractor will return within two working days of receiving a missed bin report for any validated missed collections.
  • Our contractor will not return to collect your bin if you report a missed collection after the end of the next working day, following the scheduled collection day.

    Last reviewed: 11 - 02 - 2019

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