The Green Belt is here to stay

Released on October 11, 2015

The council commissioned a study to see if the Green Belt was serving its original purpose of preventing urban sprawl from the city. The outcome of the study will help the council make decisions on the preferred options for new development in their new Local Plan. It confirms the Green Belt is successfully protecting South Oxfordshire’s settlements and rural setting.

The report mentions a few small areas where the Green Belt boundary could be changed because they aren’t fulfilling the original purposes of the Green Belt.  In some of these areas, at the edge of existing settlements, they could also provide opportunities for some sustainable small scale development. The council will look at these opportunities when they ask people to comment on its Local Plan.  

The council has asked local parish councils to carefully consider the report when preparing their Neighbourhood Plans.

The report also recommends that the district council should create a plan to make sure there is better public access to some of the green areas, which could be better maintained. The council is considering those recommendations.

To read the South Oxfordshire Green Belt study please visit