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What can your business or workplace do?

Businesses will benefit from reducing their environmental impact and being more sustainable by:

  • making cost savings from using resources more efficiently, such as cutting energy, water use and waste.
  • accessing new markets by developing sustainable products and services.
  • protecting reputation and credibility.
  • being prepared for future changes and policies.
  • attracting staff and improving morale – having a strong ethos of sustainability is increasingly important to employees.

Support from the council

Our Economic Development team provides businesses across the district with free and impartial support, advice and up-to-date business information. Further information on how the council can support your business to be more sustainable can be found on the Economic Development section of this website.

We have also partnered with Oxfordshire Greentech to support local businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.  Become a member to have access to specialist resources, business promotion, grant funding and more.  As the council is a member, you can receive 10 per cent off basic member rates. 

How to make your business more sustainable

Develop a sustainability action plan

The best way to achieve net-zero emissions is to reduce the workplace emissions and use only renewable energy.  A sustainability plan will help provide direction and plans for reducing carbon emissions in your business.

The Energy Saving Trust has a useful step-by-step guide. One Planet Living has a toolkit for small and medium-sized organisations to create a One Planet Action Plan that embeds sustainability within your organisation.

Improve energy efficiency 

The Carbon Trust has a range of straightforward guides and tools to help with this, including sector and technology specific advice. Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx) – is a one-stop service for SMEs in Oxfordshire to undertake energy efficiency improvements to your business premises. 

Switch to cloud computing to significantly cut emissions from digital services

Influence others towards climate action

  • With suppliers – work with them to identify and reduce the biggest impacts of your business, consider implementing a green procurement strategy
  • With customers – tell them about your sustainability actions, encourage them to choose the most environmentally-friendly products or services you offer
  • With other companies – share ideas, find new markets, products and solutions, join Oxfordshire Greentech – the business network for the low carbon economy in Oxfordshire.  Companies in South Oxfordshire get a 10 per cent discount on basic membership
  • With staff – ask for their ideas about what the company should do, run campaigns to boost energy efficiency, reduce waste and increase recycling
  • With your local community – support local climate and wildlife groups, allow staff time off to volunteer for good causes.

Travel more sustainably

  • Reduce the need to travel – locate your business so it is accessible for public transport, use video conferencing, allow staff to work from home
  • Promote sustainable travel – provide a cycle to work scheme together with bike racks and showers, Use EVs wherever possible, take the train to European destinations and keep flying to the absolute minimum.

Reduce waste

Working towards become a zero-carbon district means encouraging ‘circular economy’ business models where, rather than being disposed of at end of life, products are designed to be reused, repaired and eventually recycled to become raw materials for new products. Aim to send zero waste to landfill and move away from single use products.

Go further

  • Consider becoming a B Corp, a business that balances purpose and profit. B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers community, and the environment. 
  • Work to achieve a recognised environmental standard such as ISO14001.

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