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Design guide

Our design guide is intended to help you develop your proposal. We wrote it to inform and guide you through all stages of the design process.

The Design Guide is intended to assist landowners, developers, applicants, agents, designers and planners through all stages of the design and planning process to achieve high quality development.

The Design Guide is a Supplementary Planning Document adopted in 2016 and is a material consideration when determining planning applications.

Our guide includes technical documents focusing on disciplines such as landscape, biodiversity, trees, public art, conservation, and sustainable energy. You need to consider all of these from the outset.

All applicants are required to test their proposals against the lists of principles which we will use to assess the scheme. It is unlikely that planning permission will be granted for development proposals
that do not demonstrate consistency with the principles set out in the design guide.

Traditional shopfront design

If you’re looking to change the design of a shopfront in a conservation area and/or on a listed building, you should use our guide for the design of traditional shopfronts.

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