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Sustainable Construction Checklist

This checklist has been produced to help applicants demonstrate they are meeting the requirements of Policy DES8: Sustainable Design of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2035. It should be used to demonstrate that a development proposal is seeking to limit greenhouse gas emissions through location, landform, layout/building orientation, design, massing, landscape, and planting.. The checklist also asks for information that will be used to demonstrate compliance with South Oxfordshire Local Plan Policies DES7: Efficient Use of Resources and Policy INF4: Water Resources.

The checklist should be completed for all applications to demonstrate compliance with these policy requirements. A separate householder checklist has been prepared to be completed for householder applications. This is set out in Part 2.

Proposals also required to meet the requirements of South Oxfordshire Local Plan Policy DES10: Carbon Reduction must submit a separate Energy Statement to demonstrate compliance with the carbon reduction requirements. Completing this checklist does not negate the need for an Energy Statement.

For ease, the checklist is an editable PDF and can be completed electronically.

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