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Motions agreed at South Oxfordshire District Council – 14 December 2023

South Oxfordshire District Council met on Thursday 14 December, to consider Treasury management for 2022/23, adoption and implementation of a modified council tax reduction scheme for 2024/2025, the council tax base for 2024/25, the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Lewknor, Towersey and Wheatley, the appointment of a councillors’ allowances scheme review panel, proposed revisions to the Constitution and the appointment of an interim monitoring officer.

The report recommendations were all approved. You can find all the details here.

Council considered one motion and the motion was agreed.

The motion put forward a request for support for those residents affected by the conflict in Israel and Palestine.

South Oxfordshire District Council agreed to offer appropriate support for local residents who might be affected by the conflict and has confirmed it is ready to participate in any resettlement schemes should the government announce that level of support.   

Details of the motion proposed by Councillor Casey-Rerhaye, seconded by Councillor Kantor:

This Council

  • Expresses deep sympathy for all those affected by the conflict in Israel and Palestine. To those in the South Oxfordshire area who have been affected by this conflict we offer our support in this very difficult time;
  • Hopes for an immediate further release of all hostages and an end to the violence;
  • Believes Muslims, Jews and people of all faiths and none should feel safe and supported throughout the world and unreservedly condemns the increase in antisemitic and Islamophobic violence and abuse in the UK.

This Council resolves to

1.   Offer appropriate support to any local resident who needs our assistance as a result of these horrific, violent events.

2.   Stand ready to participate in any government re-settlement scheme and open our arms to innocent people displaced and affected by these events.

3.   Condemn the use of all dehumanising language and calls on our communities to treat each other with respect and good will and refrain from inflammatory terms to describe either the Palestinian or Israeli populations, especially in a time of crisis.