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Accessible voting

Everyone has the right to vote independently and in secret when there is an election. We put steps in place to ensure that you can do this, even if you have a disability.

Registering to vote

If you do not know whether you are eligible to register, please contact Electoral Services using the details below. You can also check if you are already registered.

The quickest and easiest way to register is to visit and complete an online application form.

Mencap and the Cabinet Office have created this easy-read guide to assist people with learning disabilities when registering online. The guide may also help if English is not your first language.

You can also use this easy-read registration form to submit an application to us by post or email, or you can call us on 01235 422528 and register over the phone. Please be aware that you will be asked for your National Insurance number as part of the application process, so it is helpful to have this ready before you call.

Voting at the polling station

We strive to make voting as easy as possible for everyone and are committed to ensuring all our polling stations are accessible for voters. We aim to ensure that:

  • Polling stations are wheelchair accessible wherever possible.
  • Polling stations have booths suitable for wheelchair users.
  • Large print versions of ballot papers are available in every polling station and put clearly on display.
  • Tactile voting devices and magnifiers are provided to enable visually impaired voters to mark their ballot papers without assistance.
  • Writing aids (pencil grips) are available at all polling stations for people with limited hand mobility (or you can bring you own pen or pencil if you prefer).
  • Seating will be available.
  • Extra lighting is available if required for use inside the polling booth.
  • Polling stations with on-site parking will have spaces set aside for disabled parking.

Staff at the polling station will all be wearing a name badge. Presiding Officers are in charge of polling stations and are assisted by Poll Clerks, they can provide further advice or assistance for voters, such as explaining the voting process, using the equipment or reading out names and parties on the ballot paper. You can also bring someone else to help you at the polling station (e.g. a family member or support worker) if they are over 18. Please let the staff know if you need any additional support whilst in the polling station.

Mencap and the Electoral Commission have also produced this easy-read guide on voting at the polling station.

Voter ID

An easy-read online guide is available here from the ‘My Vote My Voice’ website, which explains the new requirements for voter ID. The online guide also explains how to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if you need one.

Voting by post or proxy

If you don’t want to go to the polling station to vote, you can apply for either a postal vote or proxy vote.

Further information about applying for a postal or proxy vote can be found on our ‘How to vote’ page here.

Please also bear in mind that voters with disabilities may be entitled to apply for a long-term proxy vote. More information about this can be found on the Electoral Commission’s website here.

Election materials

Electoral materials are prescribed by law, so we are unable to make changes to a lot of our wording.

However, if you wish to receive information about registration or elections in a different format such as Braille, large print, or in a different language, please contact the Elections team for further assistance.

Contact us - Electoral services

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