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Temporary road closures

Please note that the deadline for applications for Platinum Jubilee street parties has now passed – You can find a list of confirmed street closures at the bottom of this page. Our team is still processing some applications, when they have been approved they will be added to the list.

If you want to plan a street party, fete or parade in the district there are a few steps you need to take.

Temporary road closure for your event

First of of all, you will need to apply for a temporary road closure. Please note that we do not charge a fee for applications.

There are different application forms and guidance depending on the type of event being planned.

For any Platinum Jubilee celebrations please download the Street Party form below:

Risk Assessments for your event

You will need to carry out a risk assessment. If you don’t have a risk assessment form, you can download and complete our template.

What do I do if I want to sell food or alcohol and have live music?

If you’d like to include musical entertainment or the sale of food or drink at your event your will need a separate approval and licence, you can find more information on our temporary events notice page.

Once you’ve completed the application form and have read all the conditions and the necessary paperwork, please send it to us by email or post it to the contact details below.

How much notice do I need to give?

We must receive your application form and associated documents at least 28 days before the date of the planned event, it may not be possible to process late applications.

If you know you’re going to hold an event later in the year you can submit your application earlier than the deadline – you don’t have to wait until nearer the time!

The deadline to submit applications for road closures for Platinum Jubilee street parties has now closed.

What happens when we receive your application form?

We will acknowledge your application request when we’ve received it and start a consultation with other organisations such as Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire County Council.

Once the consultation period has finished (and there are no objections) we will be able to make the legal order to allow your temporary road closure and will send you a copy.  We will also add it onto this page.

If any objections are made, we will contact the person named on the application form, so that any issues are discussed and hopefully resolved.  

You can find out more about the Platinum Jubilee on our website

Confirmed road closures for the Platinum Jubilee


Holland Close: Platinum Jubilee Street Party, Sunday 5 June

Brookstones, Sunday 5 June

Beech Road, Sunday 5 June

Musgrave Road & Rectory Meadow, Sunday 5 June


Lawping Lane from its junction with Larkfield Road, Saturday 4 June


30 – 50 Bowmont Water, Sunday 5 June

Brett Linley Garden, Sunday 5 June

20 – 70 Freeman Road, Saturday 4 June

Mowbray Road: Platinum Jubilee Street Party, Friday 3 June

Slade Road, Sunday 5 June

Drayton St Leonard

High Street from its junction at Dorchester Road to The Osiers, Church Lane & The Osiers, Sunday 5 June


21 – 27 Cleeve Down, Saturday 4 June

Great Haseley

Rectory Road: Platinum Jubilee Big Jubilee Lunch, Sunday 5 June


Belle Vue Road, Sunday 5 June

47 – 55 Valley Road, Sunday 5 June

St Mark’s Road: Platinum Jubilee Street Party, Sunday 5 June

Berkshire Road, Sunday 5 June

Shiplake Bottom, Sunday 5 June

Gainsborough Road, Sunday 5 June

Marmion Road, Saturday 4 June

Niagara Road, Sunday 5 June

Queen Street & Friday Street, Sunday 5 June

St Andrews Road, Sunday 5 June

School Lane, Saturday 4 June

6 – 14 Western Avenue, Sunday 5 June


High Street from Church Road to Town Farm Close, Friday 3 June

Long Wittenham

High Street, Sunday 5 June

North Moreton

Wallingford Road from its junction with the High Street to its junction with Elm Road, Sunday 5 June

North Stoke

The Street, Sunday 5 June

Rotherfield Peppard

Colliers Lane, Thursday 2 June

Sonning Common

17 – 21 Grove Road, Friday 3 June

Sedgewell Road, Saturday 4 June

16 – 26 Westleigh Drive, Sunday 5 June

South Moreton

High Street, Sunday 5 June


Annual Carnival Parade including parts of Moreton Lane, High Street, Cornmarket, North Street, East Street, Park Street, Thame Park Road, Station Yard, Saturday 4 June

High Street from its junction with Bell Lane, Friday 3 June

Cornmarket from its junction with Upper High Street and North Street, Friday 3 June

Butter Market from its junction with North Street, Friday 3 June

Nelson Street, Sunday 5 June

Clarendon Drive, Sunday 5 June


Britwell Hill Road from the Flints to the Octagon House, Sunday 5 June

Holding a sporting event or planning to do some roadworks?

You will need to contact Oxfordshire County Council for these events.

Please note that your event should comply with the Government Covid-19 legislation and guidance in place at the time of your event. The guidance can be found using the link below:

Contact us - Temporary road closures

South Oxfordshire District Council
135 Eastern Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SB