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Council performance and data

We regularly publish reports and data about our responsibilities, projects, and programmes. 

Below you will find an alphabetical list of our reports – if you click on the report name this will take you to a specific page where you can find that report.

Please note, our Data Hub is a new area of our website and therefore may not yet include links to all our reports – we will continue to add to this list over the next few months.  If there something you want to find out about but it’s not currently included, please email

  • Annual Governance statement – the annual governance statement forms part of the annual statement of accounts and reports on the extent of the council’s compliance with its principles and practices of good governance, including how we have monitored the effectiveness of the governance arrangements and sets out action for planned changes in the coming year.
  • Business rates accounts – we publish a monthly list of business rates accounts for non-domestic properties. 
  • CCTV reports – these are half yearly reports which share information about how we use CCTV to support our residents and businesses.
  • Climate Action Plan Reports – quarterly reports for each financial year to help monitor the progress of our Climate Action Plan priorities.
  • Climate and Ecological Emergencies Committee Report – the committee makes recommendations to Cabinet and the Council based on two reports, the full CEAC report and the scene setting and background report. 
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) spending reports – an annual report summarising how developer contributions are secured, received and spent for new developments in the local area and how we intend to allocate our CIL funds.
  • Community triggers data – residents request a community trigger if they have reported the same anti-social behaviour to an agency three or more times in a six-month period and feel the problem has not been properly addressed.  
  • Corporate Performance Reports – quarterly and annual reports to help monitor our Corporate Plan priorities.
  • Council payments over £250 report – monthly reports of the individual payments we’ve made to suppliers over £250 (£500 before July 2016). 
  • Council statement of accounts – a formal statement of accounts published at the end of each financial year.
  • Didcot Garden Town Annual Report – an annual report on the development of housing, economic growth, funding, and resources to support various Didcot Garden Town projects. 
  • Employee Data reportour annual report on employment monitoring data.
  • Gender Pay Gap Report – an annual report showing our commitment to reducing our gender pay gap.
  • Grants allocated a list of grants we’ve allocated to the community and voluntary sector.
  • Joint Equality Review – information on the objectives that we set in line with the requirements of the Equality Act (2010).
  • List of contractors selling to the council – a Procurement Report showing a list of contractors who currently supply their services and goods to us. 
  • Outturn report – this report, published at the end of each financial year, helps to ensure adequate monitoring and reporting of our treasury management activities.
  • Planning Authority Monitoring Report – an update on the progress being made towards Local Development Framework production.
  • Recent consultation and engagement reports
  • Revenue budget / day-to-day council expenditure – each February, we publish a budget for day-to-day expenditure needed to provide our services for the upcoming financial year.