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Council decisions, motions and correspondence

Council decisions

Elected councillors may be members of several committees where they vote on key decisions and make recommendations. 

Every council must publish:

  • details of when key decisions will be taken
  • papers of meetings – at least 5 working days beforehand
  • minutes of meetings – showing the decisions that were made

You can view all South Oxfordshire District Council meeting agendas, minutes and reports here:

Tips on how to conduct a successful search:

  1. Be as specific as you can in your wording
  2. Try not to use too many words
  3. Enclosing a word or phrase within “quotation marks” will prompt the search engine to search for that specific word or phrase 

Council motions

A motion is a request made by a councillor for an issue to be discussed at a council meeting and for a decision to be made.

Following a council motion, the council leader sign a letter to action that motion (e.g. write to the government asking for change) and we publish those letters here.

Official correspondence