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Climate Emergency Advisory Committee agrees plan of action

South Oxfordshire District Council’s Climate Emergency Advisory Committee (CEAC) met on 28 January to discuss how the council could introduce new schemes help to tackle climate change. 

The committee has recommended a one-year programme of priorities be approved by Council to help start achieving their aims of becoming a carbon neutral council by 2025 and a carbon neutral district by 2030.  

CEAC members went through the programme on how the council might begin to embed sustainability in policies and start some feasibility studies around energy savings in council buildings and leisure centres, including identifying opportunities to introduce solar energy and heat pumps.  

The report also looked at how the council could develop a sustainable travel plan for officers and councillors, an action plan to reduce single use plastic and help to promote healthier lifestyle choices with encouragement to walking and cycling to reduce vehicle emissions. 

The committee heard from four residents at the beginning of the meeting who expressed their views on housing and car emissions, holistic farming and tree planting, cycle networks and provision for motorcycles.  During the meeting, the committee agreed to look at ways on how they can work collaboratively with other partners, such as local parish councils and community groups, to help achieve shared aims. 

Cllr Sue Roberts, Chair of CEAC said, “We’ve worked hard to produce this one-year programme to help us tackle the climate catastrophe and, if the Council agrees, this programme will kickstart our journey towards becoming a carbon neutral council by 2025 and district by 2030.  We are inviting our parish councils and community organisations to get involved and to work with us to help us make a difference at a local level.” 

The one-year programme was recommended by members of the advisory committee at the meeting and at Cabinet on 30 January.  The proposed budget will now go to Council for final approval in amongst their other budget priorities.

Residents, parish councillors and community groups are welcome to attend the next meeting to hear the committee’s discussions. To request to speak at the meeting, please contact

To find out more about what the council are doing to help tackle climate change visit the website pages