Highways and land ownership

Land Charges information on highways adoptions and land ownership.

We hold a copy of the Highway Record Map showing highways that are adopted and maintained at the public expense, and the Definitive Map showing public rights of way on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council in order to answer Local Searches.

Detailed questions should be referred to Oxfordshire county council who are the Statutory Highway Authority:

For Highway Searches

Highway Records 
Oxfordshire County Council
New Rd
Team Tel: 01865 815082

For Public Rights of Way and Commonland 

Oxfordshire County Council

Definitive Map and Commons
Speedwell House
Speedwell Street
OX1 1NE 
Phone : 01865 810808
Email: commonland@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Land Ownership

The Land Charges team does not hold any details on land ownership or boundary responsibilities.

If you believe that land is owned by this council then please contact the council's strategic property team on strategicpropertyteam@southandvale.gov.uk.  If you wish to establish ownership of land and the site you are interested in is not shown as being council owned, then we would suggest you contact the Land Registry on 01452 511111 or at the address below

H.M. Land Registry
Twyver House
Bruton Way

Last reviewed: 30 - 05 - 2017

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