Senior management

The chief executive is David Buckle

 David Buckle








Under the chief executive there are two strategic directors. They have no direct operational responsibility for services, but each has a portfolio of a number of services that they oversee.  There are seven heads of service.

The chief executive has responsibility for:

  • Corporate Strategy - communications, consultation, corporate planning, equalities, grants, key partnerships (notably LSP - community strategy and CDRP - community safety), climate change, performance management, online services, youth issues, parks, waste and recycling
  • Economy, Leisure and Property - arts, economic development, leisure (includes leisure centre contract management and sports development), tourism and property management (includes civic halls).
  • Environmental Health - environmental protection, food and safety

The management structure is as follows:

Steve Bishop, Strategic Director









With responsibility for:

  • Finance - accountancy, audit, payroll, revenues and benefits
  • HR, IT and Technical Services - HR, IT, local service points, business process management, facilities (including council offices), car parks
  • Legal and Democratic Services - legal, democratic, electoral, land charges, licensing, community safety

Anna Robinson, Strategic Director

Anna Robinson









With responsibility for:

  • Planning - planning policy, development management, landscape, arboriculture, conservation and design, building control
  • Housing and Regeneration - housing needs, housing development, Science Vale UK development

Last reviewed: 19 - 05 - 2016

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