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Vote at your local polling station

About a month before election day we will send your official poll card to you. This contains details of when and where you will need to go to vote.

You can also find this information by entering your postcode in our My Area search.

Our friendly poll clerks at your polling station will explain what to do if you’ve never voted before.

Remember to read your ballot paper carefully as you may be able to vote for more than one person.

Safety measures at polling stations on Thursday 6 May 2021

On Thursday 6 May polling stations will be open with safety measures in place, and so, should you wish, you will be able to vote in person. 

If you choose to vote in person, you must keep yourself and others safe at the polling station by:

  • wearing a face covering
  • bringing your own pen or pencil
  • sanitising your hands when entering and leaving the polling station
  • keep a safe distance.

If you would feel uncomfortable voting in person there are different ways you can cast your vote – by post, or by appointing someone you trust to do this on your behalf, which is known as a proxy vote