Public Art

The Arts Development Officer is involved in a number of Public Art projects in the district, from advising planners and building contractors on their arts plans, to commissioning artists and artwork

Orchard Centre Public Art

Maria Rosa Kramer’s sculpture ‘The Swirl’ was unveiled at the Orchard Centre in Didcot in April 2014. The steel ribbon-shaped sculpture represents the peel of an apple, referencing the history of the site and the current name of the centre. Visitors old and young enjoy the playful nature of the shiny mirror finish of one side of the ribbon, and you can enjoy the shadows and light reflections cast by the complex swirly shape on a sunny day.

Great Western Park

As part of the development at Great Western Park, the Arts Development Officer is helping to roll out a public art strategy which will take in the entire development over time. As part of their planning agreement with the Council, developers Taylor Woodrow will be funding a number of public art initiatives.

Last reviewed: 03 - 06 - 2015

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