Sack customers

There are a small number of properties that are unsuitable for our wheeled bin service.  Please see our exceptions policy if you think that applies to you.  The following information is for people who receive our sack collection service.

How do I use my sacks?

As your property has been identified as unsuitable for using wheeled bins, we have provided you with a year's worth of sacks as an alternative to the bin system.  There are enough sacks for you to use up to four clear recycling sacks and three pink rubbish sacks every fortnight.  Please do not exceed this amount, as we are unable to provide extra sacks.  We will supply you with more sacks every year.  

Extra recycling

If you have extra recycling (or have run out of council branded clear sacks) you can put it out in clear bags, but since we don't collect extra side waste with our grey bins, we will only take up to three pink rubbish sacks per collection day.

Sack deliveries

We will deliver you a year's supply of sacks every October.

We are happy to provide wheeled bins to any households that are currently on sacks, who may feel they are actually able to accommodate the wheeled bins. Please contact us to find out more.

Last reviewed: 08 - 11 - 2019

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