Changes to your recycling services

We’ll only empty green wheelie bins if the recycling in them is loose or in clear sacks.

Despite a recent campaign to raise awareness of the issue, food waste, dirty nappies, and other items we can’t recycle are still contaminating whole truckloads of recycling. When these are put into recycling bins in black or coloured sacks they’re not spotted until it’s too late (take a look at our video to see what happens when contamination gets into the recycling).

If there’s a sack in a recycling bin and the waste crews can’t see what’s in it, they won’t empty it.

The best option is to put your recycling in loose (give it a quick rinse beforehand to keep your green bin smelling fresh).  If you would prefer to use clear sacks, you can buy them from most major supermarkets and hardware stores.

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Last reviewed: 01 - 11 - 2016

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