Trees and development

Advice on trees in relation to the planning process

The council's forestry team advise planners where development proposals are likely to impact on significant or protected trees. Trees form a vital part of the fabric of our environment and by considering trees from the start, we can ensure they exist in harmony with the development.

Trees and development - best practice guidance

The 'trees and development - best practice guidance' provides a practical working document for all stages and levels of the development process on sites with trees.  It is intended to help secure the sustainable retention of trees with arboricultural value and the implementation of appropriate development. See downloads section of this page. 

Retention and protection of trees

Where existing trees form a significant feature of development or redevelopment sites, South Oxfordshire District Council will:

  • require a survey showing their position, size and species (in accordance with the provisions of current British Standard.5837)
  • expect plans for new development to include measures to safeguard trees, and where appropriate to enhance the local treescape. 
  • where appropriate, serve Tree Preservation Orders to prevent damage and ensure the continuing protection of important trees
  • impose conditions on planning permissions to ensure that adequate protection is given to retained trees and hedgerows during site clearance and building operations (in accordance with current British Standard.5837).

Further information regarding trees and development is set out within provisions of BS5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction recommendations

Last reviewed: 11 - 07 - 2016

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