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The Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative to enable people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woods. The scheme was founded and is co-ordinated by the Tree Council with the support of National Grid and the government department Communities and Local Government.

Tree Wardens are volunteers, appointed by parish councils or other community organisations, who gather information about their local trees, get involved in local tree matters and encourage local practical projects to do with trees and woods.  The scheme is now in its second year in South Oxfordshire.

Value of the scheme

Trees are a precious part of our natural heritage and we need to take action now if future generations are to enjoy the beauty and variety of our landscapes. To be most effective, this action should be taken by people on the spot; the people who know their own localities intimately and who have most to gain from the protection and enhancement of their immediate environment. The Tree Warden Scheme provides an effective mechanism for local people to take action to protect and enhance their treescape.

The Tree Warden Scheme provides:

  • a proven method of working with the community
  • a cost effective way of consulting the community about trees
  • a volunteer force who can become the eyes, ears and hands for trees
  • the ability to empower the community to manage their environment
  • a method of establishing links with parish councils and other groups

What do Tree Wardens do?

Tree Wardens need not be tree experts, only enthusiasts. The Tree Council provides each Tree Warden with a Handbook that covers all the basics they will need to get started, it cover topics such as surveying woodland and non-woodland trees, summer and winter tree identification, tree planting and aftercare, woodland ecology and management, seed collection and tree law.

For information on any aspect of the scheme, please contact the Forestry team. 

Last reviewed: 27 - 11 - 2013

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