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Step seven - submitting your plan

  • Before you can submit the plan to us, you need to carry out a six-week public consultation. You need to publicise it so it can be seen by people who live, work and run businesses in your area. Your case officer can advise you who else you need to consult, like Historic England or the Environment Agency.
  • You need to ask other interested parties to read and comment on your plan – that includes neighbouring parish councils, significant landowners and local community organisations, like chambers of commerce, civic societies and local trusts.
  • You can publish the plan on your website, our website or both; and you can put copies in public buildings, like libraries, council offices; and in local shops and businesses.
  • It may be useful to summarise the plan in a leaflet and/or on display boards.
  • Publicise where people can view the plan, how they can make comments and what the deadline is.
  • Consider the comments you receive and amend the plan accordingly.
  • Prepare a brief report to summarise the comments you received and show if and how the plan has been modified in response.

Once you’ve taken your community’s comments into account and you’re satisfied with the plan, you can then submit it to us.



Last reviewed: 13 - 11 - 2015

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