Little Milton Neighbourhood Plan

Little Milton Parish Council is working on creating a neighbourhood plan. The process empowers local communities to help direct and shape the way their area grows and develops into the future. A neighbourhood plan will form part of the development plan, which helps to determine planning applications. 

What’s Happening Now? 

Andrew Ashcroft's examination of the Little Milton Neighbourhood Plan has now concluded. Take a look at the examiner's final report (728.4 KB) PDF . The district council now has to consider each of the examiner's recommendations before making the final decision on whether the plan should proceed to referendum. An update will be published here in due course. 

Take a look at the Neighbourhood Plan (Submission version) (1.8 MB) PDF

More information on the process is available on our Neighbourhood Planning home page.

If you would like to discuss neighbourhood planning with a member of the team, please call us on 01235 422600 or email

Supporting Documents

Neighbourhood Plan (1.8 MB) PDF

Appendix A (1.3 MB) PDF  (Village Character Assessment)
Appendix B  (682.5 KB) PDF (Green Infrastructure and Open Spaces)
- Appendix C  (851.2 KB) PDF (Protection of Views)
Appendix D (145.0 KB) PDF  (Housing Needs Assessment)

Evidence Studies Parts 1-7 This link will take you to an external website...

Basic Conditions Statement (2.5 MB) PDF

Consultation Statement (1.4 MB) PDF

Examiner's clarification note (468.3 KB) PDF  and the parish council's response (59.5 KB) PDF .

Comments received during the publicity period (445.1 KB) PDF

Neighbourhood Area Map (1.3 MB) PDF  

Area Designation Letter (509.6 KB) PDF

SEA Screening Statement (682.8 KB) PDF

Last reviewed: 09 - 08 - 2018

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