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Examiner’s Report

Following independent examination by John Parmiter FRICS FRSA MRTPI, we have now received his final report. Mr Parmiter recommends that the Berinsfield Neighbourhood Development Plan does not to proceed to referendum. He finds that the plan does not meet the basic conditions or the tests for legal compliance. We will be publishing a decision statement shortly. Berinsfield Parish Council and South Oxfordshire District Council are now discussing possible ways forward to ensure that local people are fully involved in the emerging regeneration project in their area.

You can download the Report below:

Berinsfield NDP Report Final 11.5.16.pdf (256.1 KB) PDF

Background information 


John Parmiter FRICS FRSA MRTPI was appointed to examine whether the Berinsfield Neighbourhood Development Plan meets the ‘basic conditions’ as set out in the Localism Act.  He held a hearing in public on Tuesday 12 April 2016.  The examiner considered the comments submitted during the final consultation on the plan, and discussions at the hearing.  

Final publication stage

After several months of engagement with their local community, Berinsfield Parish Council developed and submitted the Berinsfield Neighbourhood Development Plan. There was a seven week publication and consultation period starting on 30 November 2015 until 15 January 2016 at 4.30pm (this was extended until Friday 29th January 2016). You can view the consultation documents below:

  1. Berinsfield Draft Neighbourhood Plan (4.0 MB) PDF
  2. Basic Conditions Statement  (714.0 KB) PDF
  3. Consultation Statement (1.5 MB) PDF
  4. Sustainability Appraisal (6.8 MB) PDF
  5. How to comment (20.0 KB) PDF

Supporting documents: 

  1. Berinsfield Community Survey (1.0 MB) PDF
  2. Berinsfield Community Survey appendices (908.7 KB) PDF
  3. Berinsfield Flood Risk Assessment (6.9 MB) PDF
  4. Dorchester Gravel Pits (Queenford Pit) Local Wildlife site review (1.5 MB) PDF
  5. Queenford Lakes site status (1.2 MB) PDF

Strategic Environmental Assessment

In November 2014 the District Council determined that the emerging Berinsfield Neighbourhood Development Plan required a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  The report and public notice can be viewed below:

  1. Berinsfield SEA Screening Opinion (335.2 KB) PDF
  2. Public Notice on screening opinion (49.0 KB) PDF

Neighbourhood Area consultation and designation

Berinsfield Parish Council submitted a Neighbourhood Area application to the council which we published for a seven week consultation period ending on 11 September 2013.  The council approved the area application on 25 October 2013 after reviewing the responses to the consultation.  

 You can view copies of the Neighbourhood Area consultation and designation documents below:

If you have any queries about the Berinsfield Neighbourhood Plan please call us on 01235 422600 or email

For more general information about how neighbourhood plans work please click on neighbourhood plans.

Last reviewed: 18 - 04 - 2018

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