Evidence base - core strategy

Below is evidence base information relating to our adopted core strategy.

Following the 17 May 2011 exploratory meeting on the submitted core strategy, the Council made a number of changes to the core strategy to address the Inspector’s conclusions.  These changes resulted in some evidence-base documents needing to be updated.  Strike-through versions highlighting the changes are contained on a new web page, which is available using this link.  These documents were made available at the start of the recent 8 July publication period via the older format of the evidence base web-page.

We have updated some important documents to evidence base to take account of preliminary Inspector recommended changes.  You can access this via this link.

We have produced an updated Housing Needs Assessment, which is separate from our submitted evidence base. 

The evidence base includes:

Core Strategy Background Papers

Housing and housing evidence


Economy and Retail

Landscape and environment


Communities, services and recreation


Place specific studies

Concept master plans:

Thame appendices

Our evidence base also includes:

Stakeholder and public involvement

Last reviewed: 22 - 05 - 2018

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