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After a wide consultation South Oxfordshire District Council has updated its Open Space, Sport and Recreation Facility Assessment. As a result of this consultation the Council has adopted the standards of provision set out in the assessment at its Cabinet meeting on 4 December 2008.  It was agreed that the standards would be used in negotiating planning obligations with land owners and developers and for the preparation of the council-s open space and recreation strategy.  The standards do not prioritise between areas of need, this will be addressed in an open space and recreation strategy, still to be prepared. 

View the leisure review documents

You can view/download the updated document of the leisure and recreation review and standards by clicking on the link to the right. You can also access the audit of facilities and low resolution versions of all associated maps.

Background to the review

The review work included an audit of existing facilities, recommendations for standards of provision and identified where deficiencies exist against those standards.  The consultation lasted from May - June 2008, where we received a wide response from members of the public, sports and recreation clubs and town and parish councils.  Our consultants (plcleisureconsulting) have now compiled and analysed the responses that we received and used this to compliment research and survey work that they have undertaken, allowing them to update their findings.  The current study period goes up until 2011, but we will be looking to undertake further research to extend this period up to 2026 to accord with our Core Strategy timescales.

The study is part of our evidence base, which will be used to prepare planning policies and determine planning applications.  It will help us to plan effectively for networks of accessible, high-quality open spaces and sport and recreation facilities.

Whilst the assessment identifies many deficits in existing provision, these are due in part to changing expectations.  The standards cover a broad range of facilities some of which we help to provide and some of which are provided by independent organisations. 

Last reviewed: 18 - 02 - 2015

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