Wallingford consultation

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Additional consultation work has been carried out in Wallingford looking at potential development sites linked to work on our core strategy. 


You can view the consultation results by clicking on the links below.  Please remember that the schedules are summaries of the responses that we have received.  The full copies of the responses are available to view at our offices by appointment.  To protect the identity of members of the general we have given them ID numbers.  If you would like to find out your ID number, please contact the Planning Policy team.

View the consultation documents

You can still view the consultation documents by clicking on the quick links to the right.

The Studio REAL report is also available to view in this menu.

This consultation has now closed. 

We will be using your comments along with those submitted in our previous consultation as part of an evidence base, to assist councillors in making a final decision.

You can also look view further background information, such as landscape assessments, which will be useful. 

Last reviewed: 02 - 02 - 2015

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