Search fees

Local land charges fees from 1 April 2017

Please note these fees may change with the introduction of the new Con29 Forms.  New fees to be published once agreed

Official Search
LLC1 (Registers only) Residential £68.00
CON29R Residential £114.00
LLC1 and CON29R Residential £182.00
LLC1 (Registers Only) Commercial £88.00
CON29R Commercial £150.00
LLC1 and CON29R Commercial £238.00
CON29O Optional enquiries 5 - 21 £15.60
CON29O enquiry 22 £40.00 + £1.00 per parcel
Additional Enquiries £30.00
Additional Parcels of Land £29.80 (LLC1 Only £13, CON29 Only £16.80)
Non-Official Search (Personal Search)
Registers Only N/A
Registers Only PARCEL N/A
Register pages N/A
CON29R Access to Information  View Fees
Copy Documents - fee per document
Decision Notices £7.00
Legal Agreements (Section 106 & 38) £30.00
Tree Preservation Orders £20.00
Listed Building Entries £6.50
Enforcement Notices £15.00
Breach of Condition Notices £15.00
Planning Contravention Notices £15.00
Advance Payments Code Notices £15.00
Smoke Control Orders £15.00
Article 4 Direction £15.00
Stop Notice £15.00
High Hedge Notice £15.00
Copy of Local Search £25.00
Paper Size Admin Fee  Charge per copy
A4 £5.00 25p
A3 £5.00 25p
A2 NIL £6.50
A1 NIL £8.50
A0 NIL £11.00

In accordance with the Local Land Charges Code of Practice, this council aims to limit fee alterations to once a year, namely 1 April.

Garages are included in the basic search fee i.e. garages or parking spaces in a separate block, forming part of the title.

We can return searches electronically by email. Please contact the team to arrange this.

Additional parcels of land

The guidance note on the LLC1 for a Parcel of Land states:

'A separate requisition for search should be made in respect of each parcel of land in respect of which a search is required except where, for the purpose of a single transaction, a certificate is required in respect of two or more parcels of land which have a common boundary or are separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal. Parcel of Land' means land (including a building or part of a building) which is separately occupied or separately rated or, if not occupied or rated, in separate ownership. For the purpose of this definition an owner is the person who (in his own right or as trustee for any other person) is entitled to receive the rack rent of land, or, where the land is not let at a rack rent, would be so entitled if it were so let.'

A parcel of land is each separately owned or occupied piece of land or dwelling which is within the area outlined in red on the search plan.

We can only accept a Search which covers several parcels if the boundaries of each parcel actually abut.

We do not classify garages as separate parcels where they form part of one title.

If the boundaries of the parcels do not abut, then we require a separate search for each parcel.

Local Land Charges fees are set annually in accordance with council guidelines and having regard to the predicted actual costs of providing the service on a ‘cost-recovery’ basis

Last reviewed: 09 - 05 - 2017

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