The role of residents and further information

The role of residents and the local authority in conservation

The success of a conservation area depends on the joint commitment of the local authorities and those living and working in the conservation area working to preserve and enhance its character.

Local residents living within conservation areas can help protect its character when considering carrying out repairs or alterations to their properties.  Small incremental changes to properties such as the replacement of original windows or doors or the use of inappropriate building materials, can have a cumulative effect on the character and appearance of individual buildings and upon the area as a whole.  Equally, poorly conceived new development or insensitive extensions to older properties can detract from the character of a conservation area.

Some change must occur in conservation areas to allow them to accommodate vital, thriving communities.  It is important that conservation areas are able to respond to changing economic, social and cultural conditions without losing their special, often unique historic and architectural qualities.

Further conservation information

The council produces a leaflet called 'Conservation Areas, a Homeowner's Guide' (see downloads section of this page).

English Heritage This link will take you to an external website... produces advisory leaflets - of particular interest are:

  • 'Conservation Area Appraisals.  Defining the special architectural or historic interest of conservation areas.' (March 1997)
  • 'Conservation Area Practice. English Heritage guidance on the management of conservation areas.' (June 1993)

For more information contact the conservation team.

Last reviewed: 12 - 07 - 2018

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