What is archaeology?

Archaeology is the term used for all physical record of human interaction with the environment.  This is usually buried information such as foundations from old buildings, burials, or historic rubbish pits, but standing buildings also represent a significant part of the archaeological record.  They are packed full of all sorts of clues about their builders', inhabitants', and other people's past lives.  This 'standing archaeology' is covered through the assessment of applications by the Conservation and Design Team in the usual manner, but the buried remains are the part that the planning system usually uses the term 'Archaeology' to describe, and are treated somewhat differently.

Information on archaeology in South Oxfordshire

Archaeology in Oxfordshire is looked after centrally across the whole county by Oxfordshire County Council.  The county archaeologists will be consulted on all planning applications and developments which have the potential to harm known archaeological remnants or deposits and their comments will carry significant weight.

For information on archaeology in South Oxfordshire please see Oxfordshire County Council's website Oxfordshire County Council This link will take you to an external website... . You can also find further information from the South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group (SOAG).

Last reviewed: 15 - 02 - 2016

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