What should I provide?

You will need to submit certain information with your pre-application enquiry to make sure that we can give proper evaluation and appropriate feedback.  The pre-application advice request form provides a checklist of the information that you should submit. 

Please note that the level of information should be appropriate for the scale of the development that you are proposing.  We will need plans and information about the existing site conditions, as well as specific details of your proposal so that officers can carry out a desktop analysis.

Whilst we appreciate that many pre-application enquiries are made before site acquisition or at very early stages in the development process, the details submitted do need to be accurate, comprehensive and clear enough for us to make informed comments.  The more information you can provide, the more useful our response will be.  In most cases, it will be appropriate to hire a planning consultant to assist you with your submission.

As a minimum, we will require:

  • a plan indicating the site, together with details of land ownership (e.g. does the applicant own other land which may be of relevance?);
  • as full a description of the proposal as possible;
  • any information which may be of relevance; such as research; details of public involvement already carried out in accordance with the council-s Statement of Community Involvement; or a planning statement;
  • the appropriate fee; and
  • photographs, sketch plans or detailed plans depending on the stage of the proposal.

Last reviewed: 15 - 12 - 2010

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