The Berinsfield masterplan

On 7 July 2018, the Berinsfield community investment project team attended Berinsfield's 60th anniversary celebrations.  Land promotors Ptarmigan and their architects JTP introduced themselves to the community as potential partners to help deliver the Berinsfield Community Investment Scheme.

The project team will continue to engage with the community to build on the work already undertaken on the scheme and to share the residents vision for the future of Berinsfield.

Local people have shown a great deal of support for the scheme (76 per cent), with over half supporting more than 1,000 new homes to provide environmental improvements, new primary school facilities and a new community hub.

Because existing services are struggling to work in their current premises, many people supported even higher numbers of homes to fund a new health centre and a new leisure centre.  These people recognised that providing new facilities was necessary to keep these community services in the village for the future health and wellbeing of residents.

We agree that it is important for health and leisure services to stay in the village, so that they can continue to serve future generations.  The option of 1,700 new homes will provide the funding and the population needed to support this. 

We believe this presents the right balance between new homes being built and providing the facilities everyone wants and needs.  The investment scheme will pay for construction and contribute towards the future upkeep of new community buildings. 

Public transport had been a major concern to residents throughout our engagement.  Our survey indicated some support for an all-through school (4-16 year olds) to bring secondary education facilities back to the village.  However, the main reason cited was poor local transport to existing schools and not the quality of schooling children experienced elsewhere.

The proposal for 1,700 homes will create the larger population needed to encourage bus services to return and to remain in the village, along with new primary school facilities to give local children the very best start in life.  New secondary schools are already being planned for in the wider Local Plan.

Below is a summary of the improvements local people wanted and how they will be delivered through the masterplan This link will take you to an external website... .


Berinsfield wants: 

Improved education facilities for all ages.

Masterplan response:

Deliver a new primary school in the first phase of development, to provide a good start in life for the children of Berinsfield.  Make the school location easily accessible for children in both the existing village and the new development.

Support for Local Services

Berinsfield wants:

With some services at risk of closure, the village needs local services protected and supported.

Masterplan response:

Build a replacement Health Centre to retain (and bring back) health services needed in the village and a new Community Hub, to provide a sustainable base for local groups and services to thrive.

Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group says:

“A new health centre to serve the population of Berinsfield and surrounding villages, will help to ensure that primary care services remain accessible for local people. The proposal has the backing of local doctors and nurses as being very good news for their patients.”

Sports & Leisure

Berinsfield wants:

A replacement or improved sports and leisure centre in the village.

Masterplan response:

Build a replacement Sports and Leisure Centre in a new, central location to increase opportunities to access exercise and improve health outcomes for both new and existing residents.


Berinsfield wants:

New, well-designed homes in a better setting, with the right facilities to support the new and existing population.

Masterplan response:

Build 1,700 new homes, with improved choice of types and sizes to meet the needs of Berinsfield residents and the wider community.

Streets & Parking

Berinsfield wants:

Solutions for parking issues, traffic calming and problems accessing homes.  Better public transport.

Masterplan response:

Correcting design & layout to reduce issues accessing employment areas to the north of the village.  Working with the community to explore solutions for inappropriate parking and transport issues.  New homes and increased population will encourage bus services to return to the village.

A new, safer traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing has already been delivered on the A4074, enabling better access to main bus routes. 

Open Space

Berinsfield wants:

Village green space protected and improved.

Masterplan response:

Existing open space in the village protected and enhanced, to encourage greater activity amongst residents.  Enhanced views and access to open spaces and tree planting, to add character to the village.  Better lighting in public spaces and improved cycle, footpath and pedestrian routes.

Jobs, Skills & Youth

Berinsfield wants:

Better access to jobs and skills, with support and training to help people into work.

Masterplan response:

Support for local business's ambitions to grow, providing new training and job opportunities for local people.

The masterplan also allocates an area for retail, providing opportunities for new shops to emerge, offering new jobs for local people and more variety and choice for consumers.

Planning for Delivery

Land acquisition

The council and Homes England (formally HCA) are in negotiation with landowners in the area.  We have had positive discussions with the land agents for Mount Farm. 


Advisory Groups have undertaken detailed discussions on the various topics listed above, to help inform and advise the masterplan This link will take you to an external website... .  An outline planning application is expected to be submitted, with development expected to begin in due course.

Please see our Feedback and Downloads This link will take you to an external website... page to review the survey report and background detail on all the events we have held to-date. 

Contact us

You can view information presented at previous events on our ‘feedback and downloads’ page.  If you have comments, ideas or suggestions you would like to share with us, there are several ways to contact us:

  • Write to us at: Berinsfield Community Investment Scheme, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB

  • Email us at:  

  • Call us on: 01235 422478

Last reviewed: 01 - 08 - 2018

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