Berinsfield Community Investment Scheme

Berinsfield will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2018 and can take great pride in its history and strong sense of community.   But over the past few years, local services have started to struggle in buildings that are no longer fit for purpose and residents have highlighted different ways that they would like to see the village change and improve.

South Oxfordshire District Council made this a priority, and committed £1.5 million to produce a masterplan, called a Community Investment Scheme.  The scheme aims to find funding to replace facilities to improve the health and wellbeing of residents in Berinsfield.  We started talking to local people in summer 2016 to come up with a range of ideas for how village life could be improved for everyone. 

To get things started we explored different options to raise the money we would need.  New housing is one of the main ways we can raise this money and for the past year, we have worked with the community to gather opinion on the improvements local people want and the number of new homes people would accept to deliver them. 

Working with a team of professionals, including experts in technical surveys, design and architecture, planning, infrastructure and more, we have developed a detailed plan to make this change a reality.  We have guaranteed that any new housing must fund the improvements we’ve planned with the village community and our Local Plan makes a clear commitment to ensuring this happens.

What’s happened so far?

From 15-17th September 2016, South Oxfordshire District Council launched the Berinsfield Community Investment Scheme with a series of community drop-in events.  Through discussions and village tours, over 170 local people told us about their ideas and ambitions for Berinsfield, as well as issues they would like to see addressed. 

In November 2016, we held our second series of community drop-in events to ask for local people’s views on a number of ideas and options for the village.  Over 140 people came along and told us that schools, a community hub, support for local services and protected and enhanced green spaces are a priority for the future of the village.  We were also told that better parking, improved streets and a new leisure centre are important.

Since then, we have been working closely with community groups and residents, through drop-in events, stakeholder and advisory group meetings to seek local opinion on how the community’s preferred options should be delivered.  We also commissioned a door-to-door survey to help determine the scale of proposals we should bring forward.  

Based on all the feedback we received from local people, we developed a masterplan to show what improvements to the village could potentially look like.  On 8 July 2017, we displayed the draft masterplan at the Berinsfield Village Fete and invited residents to come along and share their comments.  Afterwards, we took the display to various locations around the village to share the proposals with as many people as possible.  

Please visit our Feedback & Downloads This link will take you to an external website... page to review the history of the work we have completed to-date.

Please visit our Masterplan This link will take you to an external website... page to explore the detailed proposals

Contact us

If you have comments, ideas or suggestions you would like to share with us, there are several ways to contact us:

  • Write to us at: Berinsfield Community Investment Scheme, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB

  • Email us at:  

  • Call us on: 01235 422478

Last reviewed: 30 - 10 - 2017

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