Councillors' allowances scheme

The council is required to establish an Independent Remuneration Panel, under the Local Authorities (Members Allowances) (England) Regulations 2001.

The purpose of the panel is to review the allowances which are paid to councillors.  These include allowances for councillors' basic duties, special responsibilities, care costs, travel and subsistence. The panel makes recommendations to the council on the appropriate level of payments to be made.

The panel is made up of local people not connected with the council.  It meets about once a year. Any vacancies will be advertised on the website and in the press.

The council is required to consider the recommendations of the Panel, but is not bound by these, when agreeing a Councillors' Allowances Scheme.

The current scheme is available to view at:

Allowances scheme

The most recent report of the Independent Remuneration Panel is at:

Panel report

The Panel will review the whole scheme again in late 2015.

A summary of the allowances paid is at:

Allowances paid


For more information, please contact Legal and Democratic Services.

Last reviewed: 10 - 06 - 2015

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