Fly posting

Fly posting is the display of advertising material on street furniture or buildings without the consent of the owner.  These can range from small flyers for local events to large posters at road junctions. Fly posting is unsightly and affects the image of an area.

The council is responsible for removing unsightly flyposting from council buildings, public toilets, car parks etc. Oxfordshire County Council Oxfordshire County Council This link will take you to an external website... is responsible for removing fly posting on street lights or on grass verges or roundabouts.

Reporting fly posting on council property

You can report incidents of fly posting on council property using our online form below:

Alternatively, call tel 03000 610610 or email

Reporting fly posting on non council property

To report fly posting on non council property (eg bus shelters, stations, BT boxes etc) contact the following organisations directly:

  • British Telecom: 0800 800 151
  • Network rail (tracks/stations/bridges): 08457 114141
  • Thames Travel:  01865 785400
  • Stagecoach: 01865 772250  
  • Police: 08458 505 505

Last reviewed: 19 - 07 - 2017

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