Industrial processes

Council regulated industrial processes

Local Authorities and the Environment Agency regulate industrial processes to ensure the reduction and prevention of emissions to air, water and land.  Pollution from all industrial processes is governed by the Environmental Permitting (EP) Regulations 2010 This link will take you to an external website... .

Systems of approval now exist for industrial processes which produce atmospheric emissions or have the potential to do so. The EP Regulations introduced three separate, but linked, systems of pollution control:

  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) - covers installations known as A1 installations, for example a Power Station, which are regulated by the Environment Agency.
  • Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (LA-IPPC) - covers installations known as A2 installations, for example large scale glass manufacturing, these are regulated by local authorities.
  • Local Authority Pollution Prevention Control (LAPPC) - covers installations known as Part B Installations, for example, dry cleaners, petrol stations, waste oil burners, crematoria are also regulated by local authorities.
    Under the LAPPC and LA-IPPC, the Council is responsible for the permitting and inspecting all Part A(2) and Part B installations.

Currently, there are no Part A2 installations within the District.  Part B installations are those that have the potential to cause air pollution only and include activities such vehicle re-finishing, dry cleaners and unloading of petrol.  A table of our Permitted installations can be downloaded from this page.

Inspection and compliance monitoring

All installations are inspected on a regular basis, by both the regulating body and the operator to ensure compliance with their permit. The frequency of the inspections is dependant on the results of a risk assessment process.  The risk assessment process has been devised by Defra and is undertaken annually. The risk assessment comprises an environmental impact appraisal and an operator performance appraisal.

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Report a Problem

To report a problem with a Part A(2) or Part B installation please complete our online form. See downloads section of this page for full details of all premises with permits issued by the council.

For problems with Part A(1) installations please contact The Environment Agency GOV.UK This link will take you to an external website... .

Last reviewed: 25 - 04 - 2017

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