New graves

New graves are available in Wallingford and Kidmore End cemetery.  If you decide to purchase a new grave, you purchase the 'Right of Burial' and not the grave itself.  Only the applicant has the right to authorise any burials. Likewise it is only the applicant who has authority to arrange for the erection of a memorial on the grave.  Anyone can buy a grave but we charge double for people who do not live in South Oxfordshire District.

The rights are purchased for a period of 50 years, after which time all rights revert to the council. It is very important that you advise staff in parks of any change of address during this period and that a transfer of the rights is affected upon the death of the registered owner.

A grave deed will be sent to the registered Right of Burial owner. This should be kept in a safe place  The grave deed must be provided to your chosen funeral director at the time of the burial.  Normally, new graves can accommodate up to three full sized coffins, along with numerous cremated remains caskets.  This must be discussed with the funeral director and parks team at the time of the first burial.

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Apply online

You can apply for exclusive rights of burial by using the online form below:

Re-opening existing graves

It is also possible to arrange for a burial within an existing grave. This is often preferable when families wish to be reunited with their loved ones. This option is only available if there is sufficient space and with consent from the owner of 'Right of Burial'.

Last reviewed: 01 - 04 - 2019

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