Monuments can only be erected with agreement of the council. The maximum dimensions permitted are restricted for both health and safety and planning reasons.  Work to erect a monument can only be undertaken by a registered Monumental Mason.

The dimensions permitted for a headstone are:

  • No higher than 3ft from ground level
  • No wider than 2ft
  • Less than 6 inches thick
  • kerb set no longer than 7ft and no wider than 2ft including headstone
  • (overall dimensions 900mm x 600mm x 150mm).

Cremation plot memorials should measure no more than 2ft x 2ft and no more than 8 inches in height (600mm x 600mm x 230mm).

A memorial for a child's grave must not exceed the grave space being 16" wide and 36" long.

Memorial maintenance

It is important to remember that it is you and not the cemetery or churchyard management, who is responsible for the maintenance of your memorial.  If it should become dilapidated or unsafe, steps will be taken to contact the owner but it in the interest of health and safety, it may be laid down or removed.  It is therefore wise to arrange for it to be regularly maintained and insured.

Your local Monumental Mason should be able to provide you with more details about insurance.  You can also get details from the Cemeteries Office or by contacting the National Association Of Monumental Masons This link will take you to an external website...

Last reviewed: 01 - 04 - 2019

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