The council's commitment to climate change

Our commitment to saving energy and tackling climate change

The council has signed up to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.  The declaration sets out that the council “acknowledges the increasing impact that climate change will have on our community during the 21st century and commits to tackling the causes and effects of a changing climate on our district”.

The document commits the council to reducing its own energy use and carbon dioxide emissions and to encouraging other businesses and individuals in South Oxfordshire to do the same.

Protecting the environment is also an objective in the council's Corporate Plan for 2013-2016 which sets out our objectives and priorities, and outlines, among the other things, how we intend to take action, by:

  • Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • Reducing energy use from council operations

Last reviewed: 09 - 12 - 2013

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