Capital Grants

We are currently closed for applications.  Budget permitting we will reopen later in 2018 for a second round.

Key eligibility criteria/project requirements

You can apply to us for a minimum of £1,000 and up to 50 per cent of the cost of a project if:

  • you’re a town/parish council or are a not-for-profit organisation with a constitution or memorandum and articles of association
  • you have a capital* project in mind that will benefit our residents and will take place in our district (or within a 3-mile radius)
  • you’re planning to complete the project in the next 12-18 months (although work shouldn’t already have started)
  • we haven’t funded this specific project already

*as a general rule if the project will improve, completely replace or create a new facility it’s probably capital expenditure.  Please note that we do not fund vehicle purchases, despite this being capital expenditure. 

We don’t fund projects that fall to other statutory and/or public sector bodies to provide, like roads/footpaths, children’s centres, health services and schools, academies or free schools.

Opening dates and advice sessions

  • Round one: open for applications 15 March - 26 April 2018.  Decisions due by 14 July 2018 
  • Round two (budget permitting): potentially opening for applications 15 October - 30 November 2018.  Decisions due by 21 January 2019 

We are holding advice workshops before each round of applications.  The sessions will give advice and guidance on our grant scheme, the application process and some information about other sources of funding they may be able to access. Booking is required as spaces are limited - you can book your place by emailing or by calling 01235 422103. Groups can book up to two places per round of funding. 


Advice sessions for rounds two and three: 

There will be four sessions before each opening date around the district. We'll announce the dates and locations around six-weeks before the opening date.  To register for notifications once they are released please email with the subject line ' please inform me of the next SODC workshop dates'. Please note if there is insufficient budget to open for these later rounds of funding these sessions may not take place.

  •  Round two  1-14 October 2018.  


Please note you’ll need to provide the following documents with your application:

  • Your signed constitution or memorandum and articles of association
  • Two quotes for the whole project (possible alternatives may be permitted but only if agreed by the grants team in advance)
  • Your latest bank statements and balances for all accounts in the organisations name
  • Copies of your last two years accounts (audited if available) or for new organisations you will need detailed working budgets, income and expenditure to date and financial forecasts for at least three years
  • Any permissions required including; (full) planning, listed building, landlord permissions, environment agency.  if you apply without permissions that are required your application will be rejected.
  • Minutes from a meeting of your organisation agreeing to make this application and authorising you to make the application on their behalf
  • Copies of your evidence of ownership/tenure (leases must have at least ten years left on the term).  Requests over £25,000  your evidence of ownership/tenue must be land registry title documents. Requests under £25,000 for portable equipment must confirm how the equipment will stay available to the community for at least five years, especially if they were to move premises.
  • Start and end dates for your project that work with the time limits for our scheme. Requests over £10,000 should have at least three months between our decision date and your start date. This is to give us time to complete the required grant agreements (and possible charge on the title).  If you ask for under £10,000 there should be at least four weeks between our decision date and you starting work.

 Click here to see your existing application(s)

Last reviewed: 13 - 06 - 2018

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